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Chamomile by DaughterOfTheNile
My entry for :icongriffsnuff:'s DTA contest! :3 Cute little Terraneck that I desire so. I've decided to name her Chamomille~ Chami for short, and her little Lizard friend is to be named Cale. Also, whoever ends up winning the contest can use this picture. ^^
Vivienne Belle by DaughterOfTheNile
Vivienne Belle
My character for, who I am extremely delayed in actually putting her in x3

Art by xxcritical-missxx.deviantart.c… :3

Name: Vivienne “Vi” Belle 

Aliases: Silver Bell (on account of her silver hair)

Biological Birthdate: March 21st

Age: 24

Species: Ninetales

Weight: 145

Height: 5’8” without heels

Profession: Need information? Vi’s the girl to go to. She knows everything about everyone. Vi knows exactly how to get the information out of someone, play to their interests- and that’s exactly what she does.

Relatives: Parents are alive and well, they currently live in Kanto, they are unaware of Vi’s affiliation with the Mafia- this is how Vi would like it to stay. No siblings to speak of.

Mafia Affiliations: None of her family belongs to the mafia, she is the only one. 

Background History: Vi was raised in a well-established family in Kanto, her days spent in luxury. She wasn't allowed to go outside much, her parents not allowing her to dwell with the commoners. Of course this gets boring to a child, so she started sneaking out of the house when her parents were either or asleep or not home. 

Personality: Vi's a girl well-versed in knowing exactly what people like, and uses this knowledge to her advantage.


Sweets (her favorite is chocolate)

Red Wine



Sour/Bitter Food


Confuse Ray

Fire Blast


Iron Tail

Relationships: Close friends with Celeste.


I know it's not all filled out at the moment but I promise I'll finish it up >> merp

Evoloon: Chai by DaughterOfTheNile
Evoloon: Chai
Found that made another open species and couldn't help but make one of my own :3 She doesn't have a name yet, but I'll think of one eventually >>


United States
From Charlie The Unicorn 3:

Purple Unicorn: The door is everything!
Pink Unicorn: All that once was and all that will be!
Purple Unicorn: The door controls time and space, love and death, the door can see into your mind!
Pink Unicorn: The door can see into your soul!!!!

Charlie: Really t-the door can do all that?

Pink Unicorn: Ha. No.

Current Residence: My Happy Place
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Chibi/Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Gir
Personal Quote: I am not willing to change for you, so take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away.
Tagged by : :iconkurokuni:

Pokemon randomizer:

1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one pokemon per question

1)This Pokemon is your best friend

No complaints here~ :3 Especially sense they evolve via friendship!

2)This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion 

...Well if you say so.

3)This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

I sense a lot of fire in my future...

4)This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you

Whaaat whhyyyy. Freakin' fire bird, it's cause I never used you isn't it!

6)This Pokemon is your Ex

...Well this is awkward. >~>

7) This Pokemon is your boyfriend

Noooooooooo *flops over dead* No me gusta >>

8) This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

...I am surprisingly okay with this.

9)This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

Mother fuckin' legendary dog.

10) This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

...Plz no. Go away, this is not your home >>

11) This Pokemon Punched your Mom

...Well that's not very nice at all.

12)This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes

..Wha.... Why??? You wouldn't even come close to fitting in them!

13)This Pokemon died by your hands


Seems like I'm the superior one here ;D eh? eh?

14)This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life

Woo! /o-o/ I get to ride on it's back!

15) This Pokemon is your loving pet


16) This Pokemon is your Dentist

lolololololololol alrighty then!

17)This Pokemon is what you dream about every day

I... Uhm... Suuuuure.

18)This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house

Woo! /o-o/ Snake friend!
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